Berlin Cert

Berlin Cert GmbH is an independent testing and certification body specializing in the certification of products and quality management systems. Our focus is on manufacturers and suppliers of medical devices, including software products. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of GUTcert, we are part of the extensive network of the internationally active AFNOR Group, which gives our customers access to globally recognized standards and expertise.

Our roots go back to 1915, when the testing laboratory for artificial limbs was founded by the renowned professors Dr. Schlesinger and Dr. Sauerbruch. This historical foundation not only gives us deep roots in the testing and certification landscape for medical devices, but also many years of expertise that we bring to our services.

With a clear commitment to quality, integrity and customer proximity, we offer you a reliable partnership. Whether it is the approval of your latest medical device or the certification of your quality management system - in Berlin Cert GmbH you will find an experienced and competent partner who will support you on the way to market launch.