Statement regarding the confidentiality of Berlin Cert GmbH

Berlin Cert declares, on its own responsibility, that it will protect all confidential information and objects entrusted to it, and that it will safeguard the confidentiality associated with them.

  1. Confidentiality is ensured particularly through the following measures:Confidentiality is to be preserved in regard to everyone, especially customers, suppliers and visitors.
  2. Confidentiality is contractually regulated for all internal and external co-workers as well as other service personnel, stakeholders, those taking part in the procedure in some way or joint users of our resources. This is safeguarded by contractual submittals which have been legally examined and may not be weakened in connection with directives concerning confidentiality.
  3. All personal details of internal and external co-workers as well as data which have been gathered as part of audits or examinations, are handled with strict confidentiality. This data constituting personal details is only accessible by a set circle of co-workers which is regulated through key arrangements and variable rights management.

According to our general terms and conditions and the certification directive, the following are expressly excluded from any confidentiality regarding our customers:

  1. Assessments of documents and observed audits by designated bodies and accreditation agencies which are conducted within the framework of accreditations and designations.
  2. Mandatory reporting to authorities and lower-ranking official bodies which is legally required.