Orthopedic Technology

Tests according to current test standard and to the requirements of our customers

We are your contact for testing external prostheses of the lower limbs and orthoses.

The laboratory of Berlin Cert GmbH performs, among other things, tests of static strength and fatigue strength on complete leg prostheses, prosthetic feet and orthoses. On the one hand, we work strictly according to current standards, but on the other hand we can also support our customers with tests according to their own individual testing and quality requirements. The test laboratory is accredited by DAkkS for static and dynamic tests on prosthetic units, adapters and connecting elements according to DIN EN ISO 10328. Our customers simplify the approval of their medical devices with these tests, as the internationally recognized test reports of Berlin Cert support the manufacturer in the meaningful evaluation of conformity.

Originating from the testing laboratory for replacement limbs founded in 1915, Berlin Cert GmbH can now look back on more than 90 years of experience in the testing of orthopedic aids. Our employees have many years of experience in the development and testing of orthopaedic products and actively participate in the standards committee in the design of test specifications and standards. Berlin Cert GmbH thus offers testing know-how at the cutting edge!

Laboratory services for orthopedic technology

Services in our test laboratory for prostheses and orthopedic aids

  • Fatigue strength / operational strength test
  • Static axial tensile and compression tests
  • Tests for torsion
  • Static and dynamic bending tests
  • Determination of damping properties of insoles and padding materials
  • individual special setups and test methods

Our test laboratory works according to the following standards, among others:

DIN EN ISO 10328: Prosthetics - Testing of the structure of lower limb prostheses - Requirements and test methods
DIN EN ISO 22523: External limb prostheses and external orthoses - Requirements and test methods
Impact measurement to prove impact absorption of at least 50 % for the inclusion of heel cushions or insoles in the list of aids PG-08 (Additional requirements for impact absorbers)