Testing mattresses and seat cushions

Why test aids against pressure sores?

Anyone who is bedridden for a long time runs the risk of developing painful pressure sores, which not infrequently grow into open sores on the body. A mattress that demonstrably mitigates or even prevents this risk is a benefit that every one of your customers will immediately recognize.

The essential properties that an aid for pressure sore prevention must possess can be characterized with technical tests in the laboratory. The test parameters used here are based on the most important external factors that influence the development of pressure sores. Decisive variables here are:

  • Pressure
  • Microclimate (heat and moisture dissipation)
  • Friction incl. displacements of the skin tissue (shearing forces)
  • Supporting function of the lying surface (e.g. due to the sinking behavior)

Various standardized tests developed for this purpose map the essential parameters and are intended to help manufacturers evaluate the properties of their product that are necessary for the prevention of pressure ulcers already during the development process.

These laboratory tests provide an objective and efficient way to predict the characteristics of the final product. In addition, the test results are helpful in uncovering unknown risks and targeting clinical trials.

For your active medical devices (e.g. alternating pressure systems), as an accredited test laboratory according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, we are happy to offer you electrical safety tests according to the DIN EN 60601 series.

Simply get in touch with us: We will be happy to provide you with an offer for an individual test program.

Test program mattresses and overlays

The following tests are offered by Berlin Cert for mattresses and toppers:

  • Determination of functional properties for foam mattresses/ toppers (hardness decrease, compression set, elongation at break, tensile strength).
  • Determination of microclimatic properties (transport properties with regard to moisture and heat)
  • Determination of shear forces and pressure relieving properties (relative pressure relief, friction coefficients, horizontal stiffness)
  • Determination of the operating loudness for motorized anti-decubitus products (test method 11-5 03/2004 MDS-HI)
  • Determination of functional properties for hybrid systems
  • Determination of functional properties for reclining aids for repositioning
  • Determination of functional properties for lying aids for stimulation of micromovements