What types of microclimate testing are offered?

At the moment, Berlin Cert is offering two different settings for testing of microclimatic properties of medical aids:

  1. Tests regarding the microclimatic properties of medical aids in and inactive state, as a basis for a listing in the medical aids register of the health funds.
  2. Examination of the microclimatic properties in a combination of inactive and load bearing status, adapted for the product’s typical utilization cycle. This test yields information on the medical aid’s dynamic regarding steam and temperature transport throughout the development of the product.

For questions regarding the entire process and choice of a suitable test, please talk to our test engineers. We look forward to assisting you.

Where are the tests recognized?

The tests are recognized for registering in the medical appliances and aids register (e.g. product group 5 – bandages and product group 23 – ortheses.

Is it possible to transfer test results from one product to another?

In principle, a transfer is possible. To establish the grounds for transferability, we need the products in question as well as any relevant structural information at the testing facility. A transfer is only possible if identical results can be expected as a result of construction and product indication.

How long will the test take?

The test can usually be completed within 3 weeks.