Testing laboratory for technical aids for mobility, rehabilitation and nursing care

Application of mobility products and rehabilitation / nursing aids

The test laboratory of Berlin Cert GmbH offers independent testing of mobility products and technical aids for rehabilitation and care. These are products whose equipment, features and characteristics are adapted to the special needs of people with temporary or permanent physical disabilities. They serve to support the direct user and all persons involved. By balancing restrictions, alleviating complaints and facilitating care, active participation and as independent a life as possible for the user is promoted.

Product categories

The service range of our facility includes laboratory tests for a multitude of products and devices that fall into the category of “technical aids”, e.g. wheelchairs, scooters, rollators and care beds.

In addition to technical aids and testing of mobility aids, we also check performance requirements and safety specifications for a wide range of other products and components, such as prams, highchairs, bicycles, recumbents, powered adjustment mechanisms, braking and rolling systems, etc.
We implement test plans ranging from customer and application-specific partial tests to complete tests (complete packages of safety tests) with all applicable standard requirements for the product to be tested through to individual extensions of requirements. Among other things, our test lab carries out tests according to the following standards

The complete range of tests offered by our testing laboratory for technical aids can be found at the end of this page as well as in the scope of our accreditation.

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