EN ISO 11199-1, EN ISO 11199-2 and EN ISO 11199-3

Walking aids manipulated by both arms

The DIN EN ISO 11199 series contains test methods and requirements for walking aids manipulated by both arms. This includes, among other things, the testing of static stability, brake effectiveness, static strength, fatigue strength, ergonomics, performance, marking and technical documentation.

The series of standards consists of 3 parts:

  1. DIN EN ISO 11199-1: Walking frames
    A walking frame, rigid or mobile, with shock absorbing tips (buffers) instead of wheels
  2. DIN EN ISO 11199-2: Rollators
    Walking aids with built-in handgrips and three or more legs of which two or more are having wheels, which provide support whilst walking.
  3. DIN EN ISO 11199-3: Walking tables
    In contrast to rollators, the user of a walking frame rests on forearm supports instead of handles / handgrips.

    The mentioned walking aids fall within the scope of the EN 12182.